The Calling, 2007

The first book in the series introduces Hazel Micallef and the Port Dundas Police Department, situated in the heart of fictional Westmuir County. When a well-known local, Delia Chandler, is murdered in her home, it touches off a countrywide hunt for a griefstruck killer who believes he can resurrect his dead brother by murdering the terminally ill.

Named a Best Mystery Book of 2008 by Publisher’s Weekly.

The Calling is a wonderful, creepy and suspenseful serial killer novel with enough twists and compelling characters to make you want to devour it all at one sitting.” —Peter Robinson

“A superbly written novel with a brilliantly conceived and realized plot, featuring an aging Ontario Provincial Police officer who is unforgettable.” —Margaret Cannon, Globe and Mail

“I couldn’t put the damned thing down. . . .” —Los Angeles Times

“You’re in the hands of a master storyteller. The Calling is a stunner – dark, surprising and utterly compelling.” —Mo Hayder

“Hazel Micallef is a Canadian original. . . . You can’t help loving the woman.” —Toronto Star

“Wolfe creates a compelling, unlikely hero and delivers hair-raising thrills. A–.” —Entertainment Weekly

“Had me from the first page and never let me go.” —Kate Atkinson

Buy it online or at your local bookstore

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