The Taken, 2008

The second book in the series begins with DI Hazel Micallef still recovering from back surgery when a report comes in that a body has been found in a nearby lake. At the same time, the first installment of a summertime story has just been published in the local paper and it seems to describe in eerie detail the discovery Port Dundas PD has just made. Real life is far too close to fiction for coincidence, and when Micallef begins her investigation, she has no idea how far into the past it will lead her.

“A writer of formidable ability …” LA Times

“When it comes to conjuring up an atmosphere of darkly elegant suspense, Wolfe is right up there with Minette Walters and P. D. James. But creepy thrills are only part of the bargain. As a bonus, we’re treated to a protagonist whose personal problems make for a totally absorbing character study.” Georgia Straight

“Beautiful writing is just one of the pleasures of this Chinese-box puzzler.” Kirkus (starred)

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